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What are the deadlines for Jean Des Esseintes’s credit application response?

What are the deadlines for Jean Des Esseintes

Thanks to the internet, delays for all procedures take less time. Today, you can apply for credit online. This method is not only the fastest, but also the most efficient. On the Jean Des Esseintes site, this is done in a few minutes and we receive your request instantly.

Thanks to our credit simulation tool, you can even directly know which formula is best suited to your needs. You choose your type of credit, the amount you want to borrow and the repayment period and you can thus with a precise idea of ​​the rates that we practice for your case and make your request in stride.

Once the credit application is made, your file is processed internally and you receive a response regarding the acceptance or not of your request in a very short time. You will only have to sign your contract and you will then receive the money in your bank account.

So how do I apply for credit online at Jean Des Esseintes?

It’s simple ! Several choices are available to you. If you prefer the old method, you can come and meet us in person at the nearest agency or call us on the freephone number: 0800 / 99.541 to discuss it.

But the simplest and fastest solution is to fill out the form on our site. No need to wait for our opening hours, you can apply from home anytime. This request for a credit response in 24 hours is free and without obligation. In addition, we assure you that all the information you send us will be confidential.


Get an answer to your credit request in 24 hours at Jean Des Esseintes, it is possible?

Get an answer to your credit request in 24 hours at Jean Des Esseintes, it is possible?

We often hear about loans or credit without proof. But what exactly does this imply?

When we talk about 24 hours, it is the response time. The very concept of credit with a response in 24 hours ultimately implies that it is without justification. Because in general, it is the analysis of the file and the grouping of receipts that take time. If your file is complete and your repayment capacity is proven, then you will be able to get your credit answer in 24 hours.

At Jean Des Esseintes, we are committed to providing you with an answer in principle very quickly after the insertion of your request.

If accepted, it will still wait a few days before the funds are released and they arrive on your account. This is not our responsibility, the legislation imposes strict rules that impose this time.

The personal loan without proof is defined by Belgian law as a credit granted by a bank or a credit institution to a natural person and under certain conditions. With this type of credit, you can borrow money and dispose of it as you wish without having to justify its use.


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Real Estate Purchase of an Apartment or a House in Life Mon, 25 Mar 2019 10:16:08 +0000

The purchase of real estate life annuity differs in its legal form from a traditional acquisition by its method of payment and by a deferred transfer of ownership of the property.

The seller, also called the annuitant, sells his property to a buyer (the debirtenant) who will not have full ownership until the seller dies . However, the purchase in life follows the same conditions as the classic real estate sale, first with the signing of a compromise and the drafting of an authentic deed at the time of the transfer of the property.

Reminder of the dismemberment of property

To fully understand the principle of operation, it should be known that the right of ownership is composed on the one hand of the usufruct which allows to enjoy the good (to occupy it) and the bare ownership which authorizes the alienation ( sell it). The two rights together compose what is called full ownership .


Buying a house or an apartment unoccupied

Buying a house or an apartment unoccupied


The free life annuity purchase of a house or an apartment makes it possible to dispose of the property either by occupying it yourself or by putting it at the disposal of a tenant. The buyer must however pay all the property taxes related to housing (property tax and housing tax).

Buying a occupied home

Buying a occupied home


This is the most common situation. The seller continues to occupy his dwelling until the end of his days.

The bouquet

The bouquet

The selling price is composed first of all of the bouquet . It is a capital initially paid to the annuitant. If the price is set freely, know that there is however a correlation between the amount of the bouquet and that of the annuity. Clearly the lower the amount, the higher the amount of the annuity.

The life annuity

The life annuity

She is paid for life to the annuitant. It depends on many criteria, including the age of the seller. The older he is, the higher the amount of the pension. Other criteria are involved in the overall price (bouquet + rent) and the estimated value of the property.


At the request of the seller, some annuities can be indexed to follow the cost of living. This indexation may follow certain indices (consumer price, construction cost) or be fixed by the seller.
When the sellers are in a couple, the life annuity can be paid on one head or be reversible all or part to the surviving spouse at the death of the beneficiary.

Taxation of life annuities

Taxation of life annuities

Taxation of life annuities Taxation is the same as income and pensions. The base depends directly on the age of the annuitant. For a couple the tax is based on the oldest taxpayer.

Schedule of life annuities.

  • 70% if the annuitant is under 50 years of age
  • 50% if age 50 to 59 inclusive
  • 40% if age 60 to 69 inclusive
  • 30% if he is over 69 years old.

Attention : the rate which determines the taxable part is fixed at the payment of the first pension and will remain identical until the death. Thus, if the beneficiary receives his first life annuity at the age of 52, he will be taxed on 50% of the annuity until the end of his life.

Announcements of life: a limited offer

The principle to search for an apartment or a house in life is identical to a classic acquisition. Be aware, however, that people who want to put their home life often use a notary, because it is often an estate approach that requires sound advice. The latter has a file of goods for sale that potential buyers can consult.

Some agencies specializing in real estate sales in life offer targeted ads. In addition, the advertisements of life on the Côte d’Azur (Nice, Cannes …) or Paris are the most abundant offer.

However, if the objective of a real estate purchase in life is to obtain a good return, it is better to extend the scope of its research to the whole of France.


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How to Enter the Data for the Simulation Sun, 24 Mar 2019 10:45:30 +0000 The calculation of the APR of the mortgage provides a good measure of the costs that will have to be faced for financing the purchase of a property. To obtain a loan, it is necessary to accept an interest rate to be paid to the bank providing the loan: it is the TAN, the nominal annual rate, which expresses the interest that must be paid as a percentage of the capital received. However, the TAN is not the only cost item of a mortgage, as this practice involves other expenses: these are therefore counted in the APR, annual percentage rate.

The APRC thus becomes the main measure to be used to compare the various mortgage offers, without considering only the interests. The costs that are included in the APR calculation are therefore:

  • the interests expressed by the TAN;
  • the preliminary investigation costs;
  • the cost of opening the file;
  • the cost of collection of the installments;
  • insurance policies, mandatory and non-compulsory;
  • any remuneration paid to those who have carried out intermediation functions;
  • any fees to be paid to the bank;
  • some tax items, such as stamp duty.

Of all the ancillary costs related to the opening of a mortgage, notary fees are excluded from the count. The APR is also expressed as a percentage rate of interest, on an annual basis. For this reason, it must be remembered that for the same amount received on loan and TAN, if a mortgage has a longer duration the APR will decrease, because most ancillary costs will not change. Only periodicals will increase, such as the cost of collection fees, given that the number of payments will increase. Similarly, for the same duration and TAN, the APR will be reduced if the amount received is increased.

The calculation of the costs of the loan could therefore be complicated, given that there are many factors to consider in order to achieve a correct simulation of the loan installment. For this reason, numerous web portals specializing in the calculation of the APR of the loan come to our aid: on these websites it is sufficient to insert some easily available information on the loan to obtain a clear result. The data to be entered is often the amount of the installment (reported in the loan repayment plan), the loaned capital, the duration of the loan and the frequency of the installments. In addition, you must report the amount to be paid for initial and periodic expenses (ie the costs charged on each individual installment).

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Rent With Ransom: How To Buy A House If They Do Not Give You The Mortgage. Wed, 13 Mar 2019 15:07:48 +0000



Rent with ransom: how to buy a house if they do not give you the mortgage

Rent with ransom: how to buy a house if they do not give you the mortgage

We hear more and more often about the possibility of buying a home through rents. Faced with this tendency it is natural to ask oneself about the goodness of this choice. Why is rent with ransom a good option to buy a house?

More than an option, buying with ransom seems to be a necessity in the current real estate market crisis.

The loan applications continue to fall and consequently also the property sales. In fact, banks today are much more cautious than in the past in granting loans to customers and budgets are limited. Yet this could really be a excellent time to buy a house, by virtue of the write-downs that the properties have undergone in recent years due to the static nature of the market.

VAT number holders and small business owners certainly have a much harder time obtaining a mortgage because they are considered a riskier category by credit institutions. In addition it seems that the lowering of rates by the European Central Bank is benefiting only banks, and not citizens.

In this situation, therefore, rent with ransom emerges as an interesting alternative. In the formula of rent with ransom, the mortgage request is substantially avoided, and in other countries this possibility is already much more widespread than in Italy, even if there has been an increase in recent times also in Italy.

In Italy, rent with ransom is a particularly chosen solution in the northern regions such as Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Piedmont and Veneto.

But let’s see what the rent with ransom consists of.

Rent with ransom: what is it?

Rent with ransom: what is it?

Rent with redemption requires the stipulation of two contracts, or a rental contract, generally with a higher monthly fee than the market average, and a second contract called the option contract. In the rent with redemption the option contract offers the tenant the possibility of buying the house, generally after a period of three years or as otherwise agreed, at a price already established at the time the contract is stipulated.

Clearly, the rents paid up to that point will be deducted from the price set for the rent with redemption.

Rent with redemption therefore turns out to be a good possibility, especially if you are unable to obtain a mortgage at that moment, or if you wish for some reason to postpone the stipulation. In addition, the IMU tax will be paid by the owner for the entire period of validity of the rental contract. Another consideration to make about the rent with ransom is related to the price. Since the price agreed at the beginning of the rental contract with redemption, and remaining this blocked until the end of the lease, it may happen that, at the time of the sale, the selling price can be both higher and lower than the market average, because this depends on the situation of the real estate market of that moment.

Consequently the price could be advantageous or disadvantageous.

At the time of writing, at a time when prices are quite low, it may be appropriate to opt for rent with ransom.

Rent with redemption: where to find the funds

Rent with redemption: where to find the funds

Does redemption purchase represent an interesting opportunity for you?

If you are interested in buying a home through this option and want to request more information for a loan, fill out the form for requesting a quote : within 24 hours one of our consultants will contact you to export – totally free – the solution that best suits your needs.

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OUR ONLINE BANK Wed, 13 Mar 2019 10:17:11 +0000




At Laboral Kutxa we develop and implement the most recent security systems to ensure confidentiality, integrity and utility in all information systems:

  • There is a random key signature card for economic transactions. In the back, there are sixty keys. You will be promptly asked to move your money or perform any other operation. LABORAL Box will only require a key for each operation, both Online Banking and Bank Transfer.
  • LABORAL Caja will not send you an email to request information about your credit or debit card, access codes or bank details. Also, in our emails, we will not add any executable programs.
  • As an exceptional security measure, we offer you the possibility to request a mobile signature key. Your request will be sent via a SMS sent to your mobile phone; then consult the back of the card and indicate the corresponding number on the computer screen.
  • In addition, to make the system safer, we offer you the possibility of hiring the Mobile Alert Service. Through this, you will receive a warning whenever your operations are carried out with your cards, Online Banking or Mobile Banking.
  • Access and signature keys are included in a random position with numbers in order to prevent trojan-type viruses from accessing keypad keys. Additionally, the access key can change as many times as you like.
  • When the wrong signature enters the third period, the signature card will be blocked. You can activate it again in your office, or call Telebank by calling 901 333 444.
  • In your office, you can specify the amount of the daily transfer amount (you can also zero), without affecting other operations.
  • We will indicate the date and time of the last connection to the service.
  • All the addresses of the Safe Bank of the Bank of Laboral Kutxa have the “s” of these websites, and everyone is initially Roderick Hudson.
  • If you need to use a personal data or key, check the validity and ownership of secure website certificates. To do this, click on the padlock on the browser bar.
  • Do not trust if you have access to Online Bank or Mobile Banking by email, banner or e-mail. If you use these links, check that they are taking you directly to the address (Roderick Hudson).
  • Never give your security keys to anyone, and change them regularly. Do not use a simple or simple key.
  • Delete the computer cache memory if it is also used by other people or is in a public place. Always end your Online Banking session. To do this, click on CLNET from the top menu on the IRTEN option.
  • You must take care of your confidentiality keys by protecting your computer, tablet and mobile phone’s security. To do this, install antivirus software on your computer and always be active. Do not install unknown or dubious software.
  • Laboral Kutxa does not NEVER require more than one key for each operation. If you have any doubts, call Customer Service at 901 333 444.


Security certification

Security certification

TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) are cryptographic protocols that provide secure communications.

In secure connections, the following steps are given:

  • Clients and servers negotiate what their cryptographic algorithms (TLS, SSL, etc.) use in communication.
  • Public keys are exchanged and certificates are verified (using Symantec’s certificate).
  • Traffic symmetrical encryption is performed (by doing so, the Symantec certificate is used).

Our encryption certificate is part of the Symantec Certifying Authority and is linked to the Roderick Hudson URL.

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Which Investment to Choose In 2019: All Formulas Tue, 12 Mar 2019 10:02:09 +0000

Before comparing the best investment formulas in force in 2013, it is necessary to go through certain steps beforehand to avoid making bad choices.

In fact, the objectives to be attained, the professional environment or the family situation are all factors that will allow you – as long as you make a careful analysis – to determine which placement to choose in your case.

Determine goals

Indeed, choosing an investment is about meeting specific needs.

  • Are we looking to place a sum for a short time ?
  • Is the tax and estate side privileged?
  • Do we want to obtain the highest profitability ?
  • Are we ready to take risks?
  • Should money stay available ?

The answers to these questions as well as the resulting patrimonial analysis help guide the professional and help them choose an investment that meets your expectations.


Know the environment

The second step is the analysis of the home and work environment to determine which investment formula to focus on.

A good wealth management advisor, whether independent, employee of a bank or an insurance company must necessarily carry out a heritage audit. If the amount to be placed is low and your needs are not very precise, the audit will be limited to a few specific questions.

Nevertheless, it is mandatory that the advisor know your environment before proposing a solution.

Our advice : Most independent advisors are both judge and party. Clearly, after conducting an audit, the latter propose contracts on which they receive commissions sometimes very important on the sums invested and the outstandings managed. Remember to inquire about the fees that this system will not fail to occassioner.

The different placement formulas

Secure investments

Secure investments

Savings booklets

Savings booklets are often preferred when looking for security and availability. Indeed, despite a low yield, these simple formulas do not lack assets.

Regulated booklets such as Livret A or the sustainable booklet are the best known, but unfortunately are capped. To complete, the saver can opt for a bank book whose performance no longer depends on the state but on the bank that offers the transaction.

Note The bank books are not net of taxes and are subject to the lump sum levy.

Term accounts

Choice between the term account and the passbook Another security formula , the term account is based on a simple principle. You choose a period with your banker (between one month and 5 years). The interest rate is determined in advance. That may be fixed or variable.

Life insurance

Life insurance remains the preferred formula of the French. But it deserves as much to be part of the secured contracts as risky investments because the multi-support life insurance contract allows the investor to place the funds on all the existing financial supports: stock exchange, real estate, but also the safe fund in euros .

But the fund in Euros has “lead in the wing” because, on the one hand, the tax levies on life insurance are important and secondly, the returns of the fund in euros have significantly eroded in recent years .

But apart from the applied taxation, these contracts are subject to fees often very high, not to mention management fees on outstanding.


Investments at risk

Investments at risk

The stock market down? Never mind, buy! This strategy may shock, but it is the adage of professional traders. Sell ​​when rising, buy during a period of decline. Easier said than done when you are a small investor.

If you are afraid of making the wrong choices, know that the “collective” formulas may be more appropriate. SICAVs and other mutual funds allow the manager to decide for you. You only determine a more or less risky profile at the start.

If you still want to manage a portfolio directly and choose the securities that you think are best, you’ll need patience and analytical skills. Some knowledge will also be needed to avoid making (too many) mistakes.

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Comparison of Cash Loans and Consumer Loans Sun, 10 Mar 2019 15:52:20 +0000





Comparison of cash loans Comparison of cash loans is a basic task for all those people who want to choose a bank with a favorable offer.

We are not able to check and compare all cash loans in all banks. Therefore, there is no point wasting energy and time on collecting credit offers from all available banks in our town. Sometimes two or three banks are enough to make a choice. Below is a list of banks in which we can apply for such a loan.

Comparison of cash loans at banks



Comparison of cash loans in terms of costs

Comparison of cash loans in terms of costs

When choosing a loan (not only cash) pay attention if we are interested in a cheaper option, at the total cost of the loan or its APY.

What does RRSO mean? This is the Actual Annual Interest Rate. And it’s not the same as the nominal interest rate, nay! it can vary significantly from it. APR covers all additional costs associated with granting the loan by the lender. The APR consist of:

  • nominal interest rate,
  • bank commission,
  • credit insurance,
  • fees for additional services,
  • payment for processing the loan application.

In addition, the APRC takes into account the value of money over time and the repayment period. And this is the most important parameter to pay attention to when you compare the offer of banks (do not forget to check the total cost of the loan). Why is it worth using in comparing banks with APR? Because each bank calculates it in the same way and makes it possible to compare the offers of several banks.

Remember! When comparing the APRC of loans and total costs, the same loans should be compared, eg cash loans of PLN 26 thousand. PLN 7 for bank A and B.


What kind of interest rate? Fixed or variable interest rates?

What kind of interest rate? Fixed or variable interest rates?

The choice (if of course there is such a choice) is fixed or variable interest. Over the short lending period, banks offer cash loans with a fixed interest rate, and with a long lending period it is already a variable interest rate.

The fixed interest rate does not change throughout the loan repayment period and the interest rate changes do not affect the rate of installment.

At variable interest rates, fluctuations in interest rates on the interbank market affect interest rates. If interest rates rise, the loan installment increases, and vice versa. Banks, of course, control changes in interest rates. If the price of money on the market has changed significantly, then the interest rate on the cash loan will change. The borrower then receives a new repayment schedule from the bank.


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