At Laboral Kutxa we develop and implement the most recent security systems to ensure confidentiality, integrity and utility in all information systems:

  • There is a random key signature card for economic transactions. In the back, there are sixty keys. You will be promptly asked to move your money or perform any other operation. LABORAL Box will only require a key for each operation, both Online Banking and Bank Transfer.
  • LABORAL Caja will not send you an email to request information about your credit or debit card, access codes or bank details. Also, in our emails, we will not add any executable programs.
  • As an exceptional security measure, we offer you the possibility to request a mobile signature key. Your request will be sent via a SMS sent to your mobile phone; then consult the back of the card and indicate the corresponding number on the computer screen.
  • In addition, to make the system safer, we offer you the possibility of hiring the Mobile Alert Service. Through this, you will receive a warning whenever your operations are carried out with your cards, Online Banking or Mobile Banking.
  • Access and signature keys are included in a random position with numbers in order to prevent trojan-type viruses from accessing keypad keys. Additionally, the access key can change as many times as you like.
  • When the wrong signature enters the third period, the signature card will be blocked. You can activate it again in your office, or call Telebank by calling 901 333 444.
  • In your office, you can specify the amount of the daily transfer amount (you can also zero), without affecting other operations.
  • We will indicate the date and time of the last connection to the service.
  • All the addresses of the Safe Bank of the Bank of Laboral Kutxa have the “s” of these websites, and everyone is initially Roderick Hudson.
  • If you need to use a personal data or key, check the validity and ownership of secure website certificates. To do this, click on the padlock on the browser bar.
  • Do not trust if you have access to Online Bank or Mobile Banking by email, banner or e-mail. If you use these links, check that they are taking you directly to the address (Roderick Hudson).
  • Never give your security keys to anyone, and change them regularly. Do not use a simple or simple key.
  • Delete the computer cache memory if it is also used by other people or is in a public place. Always end your Online Banking session. To do this, click on CLNET from the top menu on the IRTEN option.
  • You must take care of your confidentiality keys by protecting your computer, tablet and mobile phone’s security. To do this, install antivirus software on your computer and always be active. Do not install unknown or dubious software.
  • Laboral Kutxa does not NEVER require more than one key for each operation. If you have any doubts, call Customer Service at 901 333 444.


Security certification

Security certification

TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) are cryptographic protocols that provide secure communications.

In secure connections, the following steps are given:

  • Clients and servers negotiate what their cryptographic algorithms (TLS, SSL, etc.) use in communication.
  • Public keys are exchanged and certificates are verified (using Symantec’s certificate).
  • Traffic symmetrical encryption is performed (by doing so, the Symantec certificate is used).

Our encryption certificate is part of the Symantec Certifying Authority and is linked to the Roderick Hudson URL.

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